Morphy Richards Redefine toaster review

Morphy Richards 228000 Redefine Glass ToasterPros: with this sleek and stylish toaster you can watch your toast browning, allowing you to stop the toaster at the perfect moment of “doneness”. The Redefine includes features such as removable crumb tray, frozen setting, cancel and warming buttons, as well as variable browning control.

Cons: this is a relatively expensive toaster. Glass toasters start at around £100, the Redefine is listed at nearly £200 and shares many basic features with less expensive models. Unlike other models, the side panels do not open for cleaning.

Summary: radiant heat technology and cutting edge design come together in the Morphy Richards’ Redefine Toaster. This stylish toaster is backed by Morphy Richard’s two year replacement guarantee.

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Morphy Richards Redefine Toaster

Morphy Richards 228000 Redefine Glass Toaster browning controlMorphy Richards embraces innovative design and Duran thermoglass technology to create a toaster that’s functional and stylish. Duran Schott thermoglass technology provides radiant heat to toast your bread and by allowing you to see the toast browning, you can stop it at your desired toasting level.

The Morphy Richards Redefine toaster is at home in contemporary kitchens, its sleek design and internal cord storage help maintain clutter-free countertops. A sleek, single slot design, the two slice toaster accommodates bread and buns of varying widths; including bread, crumpets, bagels, waffles, muffins, and buns.

Other features include a high rise function, and illuminated display buttons. Essential features typical of this price point include frozen bread setting, reheat and cancel buttons. It also boasts internal cord storage and non-slip feet. The Redefine includes a brush for internal cleaning and has a removable crumb tray.

Precise browning front illumination and an automatic bread cage that lowers when loaded are some of the enhanced features that set the Redefine apart from other glass sided toasters. With 2000W of power, it provides consistent performance and is backed by Morphy Richards’ two year replacement guarantee.

Thermoglass Technology

Morphy Richards 228000 Redefine Glass Toaster toastingThe Redefine toaster is framed by four glass panels; the two outer ones provide a protective insulating layer, while the inner ones utilise a patented thermoglass coating to toast bread using radiant heat. Conventional toasters use wire filaments set at regular intervals and may cause uneven browning to occur. Thermoglass generates heat in a consistent manner, evenly distributing heat for uniform browning.

The Redefine toaster is designed for the ‘hands on’ person, who wants to clearly see browning during the toasting cycle, and have the option of stopping it at their desired level of toasting.

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Comparison to similar models

Glass toaster prices start at around £100, whereas the Morphy Richards Redefine is listed at nearly £200, and most share common features such as frozen bread setting, reheat and cancel buttons and settings for variable browning.

Magimix 11527 2-Slice Vision ToasterOne comparable model is the Magimix 11527 2-Slice Vision Toaster, with a RRP of £145. It shares many basic features common to this price point, such as electronic controls, variable browning feature, and extra-high lift, removable crumb trays and extra-wide slots. It is also made from thermoglass, enabling the user to monitor the toasting process and stop the cycle at the desired point of toasting.

The Magimix does not use radiant heat technology for toasting, it uses filament elements instead; this does lead to some unevenness in browning. However, the Magimix side panels open for easy cleaning, a feature not seen in the Redefine.

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