Tefal Ingenio review

Tefal Ingenio Enamel rangePros: detachable handle saves space and offers versatile use in ovens, on the table, in the refrigerator and dishwasher. Red Spot technology indicates optimal cooking temperatures. Price point of around £50 for the Ingenio Enamel 5-piece set is an affordable entry into a cookware set that will last for years.

Cons: the Ingenio Enamel set is compatible with all stove tops, except induction. Induction cookware is available in the slightly more expensive Ingenio Induction line. The Ingenio Induction line also features detachable handles and similar design features as the Ingenio Enamel.

Summary: Tefal quality, versatility, and space-saving design come together in the Ingenio Enamel set;the bonus is it’s available at an affordable price. Consumers seeking induction cookware will need to consider the Ingenio Induction line.


Tefal Ingenio – features

Tefal Ingenio versatilityThe Ingenio line by Tefal is a versatile approach to cookware – going from stovetop, to oven, to table top,
and dishwasher and refrigeration with ease. Ingenio cookware has detachable handles for space saving, additional glass lids and plastic covers for food storage, and features Tefal’s quality construction and non-stick surfaces.

The Tefal Ingenio line is available for both induction and regular cooking surfaces – the Ingenio Enamel line is suitable for most cooking surfaces, except induction, and the Ingenio Induction line is suitable for induction stovetops and all other cooking surfaces.



Tefal Ingenio storange and handle securityOn the stovetop, Tefal’s non-stick cooking surfaces and durable exterior coatings shine. Tefal’s Thermo-Spot technology indicates when the pan has reached optimal cooking temperatures.

As the handles are fully detachable, you no longer clutter your stove and countertop with awkward handles, and storage is simplified as all pots and pans nest within each other – great for small spaces.

Removable handles enable you to transfer dishes to the oven, and make washing in the dishwasher safe. Ingenio cookware offers the flexibility of stovetop use, with the capabilities of a quality casserole dish, allowing baking and roasting in the oven, and then acting as a serving dish, suitable for the table. Glass cooking lids (not oven safe) are available and food storage is made easy with an airtight Ingenio lid.

Induction and regular cookware choices
The Tefal Ingenio line is available in two lines – the Ingenio Induction is suitable for all ranges, including induction stovetops, and the Ingenio Enamel is suitable for all regular cooking surfaces.

For regular cooking surfaces, the Ingenio Enamel’s durable exterior, Intensium Non-Stick interior and anti-warp base enhances heat transfer; whereas the induction cookware line features an interior of Titanium Non-Stick with an exterior coating of Non-Stick PTFE. Both lines are resistant to scratches from metal utensils, with the exception of knives and whisks.

Tefal Ingenio Essential Non-stick Starter Cookware 5 Piece Set

Tefal Ingenio Essential Non-stick Starter Cookware 5 Piece SetThe Tefal Ingenio Essential 5-piece set includes two frying pans (22cm and 28cm), and two saucepans (16cm and 20cm) as well as a single handle. The handle is constructed of Bakelite, and features the patented Ingenio design. Plastic food storage lids and glass lids for cooking, as well as additional handles are available for separate purchase.

The Ingenio Essential set is not compatible with induction cooking surfaces, but is safe for use for gas and electric stovetops. The pots and pans are dishwasher and oven safe; however cooking lids and handles are not oven safe.

The Essentials set is an affordable entry into Tefal’s Ingenio cookware line, many consumers will be satisfied with the basic components and price point.

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Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Enamel Cookware 13 Piece Set

Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Enamel Cookware 13 Piece SetThe Tefal Ingenio Enamel Cookware 13 Piece Set offers much more. Still part of the Ingenio Enamel line, the set includes two sauce pans (16 cm and 20 cm), two frying pans (22 cm and 28 cm), one 24 cm sauté pan, and one 26 cm wok.

The set also includes three glass lids (16 cm, 20 cm, and 26 cm) as well as two plastic food storage lids (16 cm and 20 cm) and two Bakelite handles.

This set offers an excellent cookware selection that covers most kitchen needs.

The Ingenio Induction 13-piece set offers a range of pieces identical to the 13-piece Enamel set; however they are constructed of materials suitable for induction cooking, and feature a Titanium Non-Stick interior with an exterior coating of Non-Stick PTFE.

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It seems Tefal has cornered the market in offering a reasonably priced cookware set with quality construction and detachable handles. A single frying pan (the CasteyFundix 24 cm Nonstick Cast Aluminium Induction Fry Pan with Kiwi Removable Handle) is suitable for all cooking surfaces and features a removable handle. But Tefal’s nesting design and affordable price point of £50 for five pieces, gives more value for money for the non-induction cook.

Another non-stick frying pan available with a removable handle, the Fissler (28 cm single pan). Suitable for all cooking surfaces, including induction stovetops, the Fissler offers excellent heat distribution.

Although both frying pans provide premium quality and years of durability, the price difference cannot be justified for consumers who do not use induction stovetops and are simply seeking versatile cookware with premium storage features. Tefal offers a quality product, with a range of sizes suitable for most cooking needs for an affordable price of £50 for five pieces. This price point and Tefal’s long-standing quality is hard to beat.

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