Morphy Richards Prism kettle review

Morphy Richards Prism kettle reviewPros: with attractive patterning, a removable limescale filter, and an ergonomically designed handle, the Prism Jug Kettle has many functional and stylish features.

Cons: this is a relatively expensive kettle. Jug kettles sell on Amazon starting at around £24, the Prism Jug Kettle is listed at nearly £80, and shares many basic features with less expensive models.

Summary: Morphy Richards’ Prism Jug Kettle reflects their longstanding tradition for quality household electronics. This stylish kettle is backed by Morphy Richard’s two year replacement guarantee, and the Prism Jug Kettle has many of the basics one sees in less expensive models, but can the Prism Jug Kettle justify its higher price?


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Morphy Richards 108252 Prism Jug Kettle

Morphy Richards Prism kettle filterThe Prism Jug Kettle offers a fun take on modern design with dual texture finish and prism patterning, a sleek shape and a sculpted pouring spout. Its offset handle is ergonomically designed to ensure stability when pouring and lifting the kettle.

The easy to remove lid features an easy to grasp ring pull, enabling easy filling and cleaning.

Other features include an at-a-glance water level viewing scale, a removable limescale filter, 1.5 litre capacity and 3000W of power, ensuring rapid boiling.

The Prism Jug Kettle boasts a concealed element for easy cleaning and boil dry protection. A 360 degree base has discrete cord storage to keep surfaces clutter-free.

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Comparison to similar models

Plastic jug kettles sell on Amazon starting at around £25, whereas the Morphy Richards Prism Jug Kettle is listed at nearly £80, and shares many common features such as 360 degree base, auto shut off and boil dry protection.

Morphy Richards 101401 Chroma Jug Kettle

Comparable models include Morphy Richards’ own Chroma Cream Plastic Jug Kettle (101204), currently selling for half the price of the Prism Jug Kettle. The Chroma shares many basic features such as 360 degree design, and auto shut off.

However, visually the Chroma is chunky, recalling a traditional cream jug, rather than the sleeker design and patterning of the Prism Jug Kettle.

Morphy Richards 102005 Accents Pyramid Kettle

The Prism Jug Kettle is also an improvement on Morphy Richards’ Accents Pyramid Electric Kettle (102004),a classically shaped electric kettle, which, in the convention of stovetop kettles has an overhanging handle. The overhanging handle forces the user to slide it beneath a water tap to fill, as the handle position prevents you from filling the kettle from any other container such as a measuring cup or water jug.

The offset handle of the Prism Jug Kettle and easy to lift lid improve this flaw. To fill the Prism Jug Kettle, you simply lift the lid straight up and remove it entirely, allowing you to fill from a tap or another container easily.

Morphy Richards 100003 Aspect Stainless Steel KettleTo compare the Prism Jug Kettle to yet another Morphy Richards product, the Aspect Kettle (100003), price and style are the main differences. The Aspect is listed at nearly £90, whereas the Prism is listed at £80. The Aspect has a sleeker design, with an invisible pour spout and integrated limescale filter. Both feature a 1.5 litre capacity and 3000W of heating power.



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