Sage juicer reviews: which one to go for?

Sage Nutri Juicer ProIf you’ve read all the latest news on juicing and juicers then you will know that the Sage Nutri Juicer by Heston Blumenthal is the juicer that everyone is talking about. And its easy to see why. The Sage is a great looking kitchen appliance with its gleaming stainless steel finish and is surely one that visitors to your kitchen will admire and covet.

This piece of juicing kit is great for those who are serious about preparing food as its cleverly designed to get the best results from juicing fruit and vegetables; claiming that it will extract 70% of the nutrients with minimal heat transference into the juice.

Sage Nutri Juicer range

There are three choices of Sage juicer: the Nutri Juicer, Nutri Juicer Plus and Nutri Jucier Pro. The price range between the models is £150 to £270 with the mid-range Nutri Juicer Plus priced at around £180. Although all models look the same at first glance there are clear differences between the models. These extra features also go some way in justifying the price difference. Which one to choose though? Find out in our Sage juicer reviews.

ModelSage Nutri JuicerSage Nutri Juicer PlusSage Nutri Juicer Pro
ImageSage Nutri Juicer_TBSage Nutri Juicer Plus_TBSage Nutri Juicer Pro_TB
Price (RRP)£150£180£270
Weight (kg)699
Juice jug capacity (litres)11.21.2
Motor (watts)120013001500
Froojie discNoYesYes
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Nutri Juicer, Nutri Juicer Plus or Nutri Juicer Pro?

Sage Nutri DiscAll three Sage Nutri Juicers have a stainless steel mesh filter and long lasting, titanium reinforced cutting blades. The pulp container is also the same 3 litre capacity across the model range. Each of the Sage juicer models has a unique feed chute and filter.

The chute is extra large measuring 84 mm which is one of the largest of all juicers on the market. This enables you to put whole fruits into the machine with minimum preparation.

All Sage juicers have powerful motors (even the basic model at 1200w is higher than most of your average juicers) that turn the fruit and vegetables into a juice very quickly. The motor on the top-end Sage Juicer Plus is 25% more powerful than the one fitted to the base Nutri Juicer (the Plus model is 8% more powerful). In terms of juicer speed control, the Nutri Juicer has a choice of 2 speeds settings, the Plus has also 5 speeds settings and the Pro has 5 speed settings but strangely looses the LCD display.

Sage Froojie discThe Sage Juicer Plus and Pro models have an attachment called the “Froojie”, which is a unique soft fruit disc that can turn bananas, mangoes, berries and much more into desert coulis or smoothies.

There is also a brush that comes with all three models to clean the filter and all removable parts are dishwasher friendly making cleaning it very easy. To give you peace of mind, all Sage juicers come with a 2 year repair/replacement warranty and 5 years warranty on the motor.

These Sage juicers can be a little loud due to the powerful motors but the plus side is that juicing takes seconds. Also, they do not come with a recipe book but of course lots of recipes can be found on the internet for free.


The winner is….

Sage Juicer Best Buy All 3 appliances are well worth the investment. The more expensive one, the Sage Nutri Juicer Pro, is probably more for a juicing enthusiast (who is likely to use the machine more than once per day) as you are looking to pay an extra £90 above the mid-range Plus.

If that’s not you then choose between the Nutri Juicer and the Nutri Juicer Plus depending on whether you want to make smoothies or just juice.

Our verdict: the Nutri Juicer Pro is very expensive. Go for the Nutri Juicer Plus; it has great style, neat LCD display and can also be used a smoothie maker