Smarter coffee machine review

Smarter Coffee Machine in kitchenPros: the Smarter Coffee app enables you to make coffee remotely, either by setting alarms or enabling your coffee maker. Using sensors, the app notifies you of low available water, and you can adjust the strength and quantity remotely.

Cons: listed at £180, this is an expensive coffee maker with only a warming base and a glass carafe to keep a pot of coffee warm. Other models use stainless steel carafes for better insulation.

Summary: Although pricey, the Smarter Coffee Machine offers many features true coffee lovers will adore – adjustable strength, large carafe capacity, and fresh ground beans.


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Smarter coffee machine – by Smarter

Smarter Coffee MachineDesigned for the true caffeine junky, the Smarter Coffee Machine (listed at £180) does everything for you – except put water and beans in the machine. The app (available for Android and iPhone) remotely sets alarms, enables your coffee maker, and has fresh coffee ready for your morning cuppa or return home.

You can make up to 12 cups (1.5 litres) of coffee remotely from fresh ground beans.

Sensors indicate how much coffee you are able to make based on available water levels, and the app will anticipate your desired coffee strength based on time of day and previous preferences. If you prefer, you can program your preferences directly into the machine, the 3.5″ LCD screen has an easy-to-use interface.

The coffee maker looks deceptively simple, with top-loading bean grinder and glass carafe. You can customize your bean grind settings from coarse to smooth.  The Smarter coffee machine also comes with coloured panels for easy customizing to your décor – red, cream, or black. Utilizing your home’s Wifi, you can remotely control your machine to achieve that perfect brew.

Smarter App

Smarter Coffee Machine appYou can adjust the strength of your coffee, keep your coffee warm and turn on wake up mode and home mode directly from the app. You can even synch the app to your alarms, and always wake up to fresh coffee.

Smarter strength

Smarter Coffee allows you to adjust the strength of your coffee, either through the app or on the machine. If you request a strong cup of coffee, additional beans will be freshly ground. The Smarter Coffee app will suggest a specific strength of coffee depending on the time of day and your previous preferences.

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